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Weekend Rulez!

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Yay it’s the weekend! Time to kick back and relax…at least until Monday rolls around. I couldn’t think of a song to post, so I sang one real quick 🙂 I hope you all enjoy it, and have an awesome weekend! (Sorry for the minor errors at the end!)

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Singing With Friends!!

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My friend, Ell0,  from the Sing! app and I just created a group! We feature a lot of great talent, and it has been awesome singing along with them and working on group projects! One of our most recently added members is one I recruited after doing this song with him. He’s got a really great voice!! Hope you all enjoy the duet of Brian McKnight’s 6,8,12! (A song I have never sang before!!)

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Excuse the Mess, My Brain Exploded

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WOW!! I went to go check my stats this afternoon and was SHOCKED to see I’d hit over 1,000 followers!! WHOA NELLY!! My first year and a half has been quite the roller coaster, and I thank each and every one of you who’ve stuck around for the ride. I’ve taken this blog in so many directions, it’s ridiculous!!  Novice Journal has gone from a poetry blog, to a photo blog, to a music blog, and a bit of everything else in between. I definitely wouldn’t still be blogging without all your support! THANK YOU ALL!!

As a treat, let’s take a break from my voice and play a game! You know you want to 😉

Thanks for taking this, and have a great rest of the day!!



Where is the Love??

Welcome back to music week everyone!

I hope you all like this week’s line up of songs, I certainly enjoyed taking part! Make sure to use headphones for all the songs so that all the parts come through. I apologize if they still don’t after you use headphones; some devices just don’t work the same! Still, enjoy the music!

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This is a song I put together with me, myself, and I! Sing! by Smule just re-released a Rihanna song entitled “Cheers” for everyone too sing. I’m not too fond of the lyrics, but I liked the backbeat so I mashed it! (Click here to read up on what a mash is.) I sang Where is The Love by the Black Eyed Peas and added some Louis Armstrong, Christina Augilera, and my own lyrics.

Enjoy everyone and have a great Monday!! 😀


Photo Op: Coconut

I love taking photos of food with a black background. The food just looks so cool! But in my bright and cheery house there isn’t a lot of “black background” to work with. So, I’ve made due with a counter top. As for my opinion of coconuts, well…we’re in a love/hate relationship. 😉

Enjoy your weekend everyone! And buckle up for another very musical week ahead!


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Photo Op: Bell Peppers

I could chop these up and eat them like chips! I love bell peppers!! They are so sweet and crunchy and make a salad look really colorful. The only down side: they can tend to be a bit expensive!



Photo Op: Onion!!

My family eats onions like most people use salt…all the time in copious amounts! They make everything taste good; don’t you think?!



Photo Op: Cabbage!

Here’s a veggie I used to be skeptical of. But after having it fried up with some broccoli, cooked down with fresh cut potatoes, or shredded up thin on some salad, I’m now a fan! Not only does it add crunch to a meal, it also adds nice color!



Photo Op: I <3 The Earth!

….but I never celebrate Earth Day. Huh, is that odd?

On a more relevant note, today marks the start of photo week!! Thanks to all of you who tuned in to my music week. It was fun to share my work with you! Before I bring out food pics, enjoy this flower photo, in honor of this beautiful Earth that God has given us 🙂


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Supergroup: Apologize

Hey all!

Today I’m closing out “musical week” with what’s called a supergroup. It’s when a bunch of people sing a song together. The concept is simple enough!! I gathered together a few Smule friends of mine, and we put this together last night. These are all talented women! Use your headphones and enjoy!


P.S. Photo week is coming up, so get ready for a lot of food pics!!

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