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Procrastination = My Mortal Enemy

on November 21, 2011

I’ve got a really bad study habit; perhaps you’ve heard of it before: procrastination. Hey, hey! Now before you write me off as just another bad student who’s overly lazy, hear me out. I’m actually a very good student, according to my test results and such, but I have a hard time focusing on one subject for a long stretch of my day. That right there is what studying for a teen normally translates to! Here’s how it all goes down…

Yours truly could be working steadily on her…work, and then all of a sudden, she has to do something else. I have “eye fatigue” so if my eyes work too hard, they make my vision worse. Reading or anything school related then becomes physically uncomfortable, and I have to close my eyes and do something creative, or listen to music. I know – it’s pretty bad. And my bad habit goes from bad to worse a week before testing day. That’s when virtually no study or work can be done unless I’m strapped down at gunpoint.

This has been going on for a few years now, and I’ve actually come up with fun ways to procrastinate. YES I’m ashamed I’ve compiled such a list, but don’t worry, I also have methods to keep me in the study game.

-Playing stupidly mind numbing games. Yes, this is a killer one. I could play solitaire (and lose constantly) for hours at a time, and I do this almost every day. As soon as I got a laptop, my bad habit skyrocketed. Robot unicorn attack (come on, you agree) puzzle games, if it’s free online, I’ve probably considered playing it or am guilty of spending way too much time ogling at the cheap graphics.

-Browsing for music. I love buying music. It’s almost therapeutic for me to browse for days on youtube and for new hits. Unfortunately, I’m guilty of doing so when I should be studying.

-Wandering aimlessly. Who knows where I go? My brain shuts off, and I just walk around the house, the neighborhood…there’s no purpose, just to leave my studies. That creeps people out though so I’ve shortened the amount of time I wander.

-Make other “work.” I can find a million other “more important” things to do instead of study. They’re all legitimate things too, like planning things out, cooking meals, calling people to set up appointments, reading through email, anything! I am so guilt-ridden with piles of things I make myself do instead of work.

-Fall asleep. Oh man, this one is way too popular if I study in bed. The blankets get unusually comfy and warm, the lights seem to dim, and Michael Bublé starts serenading me. What’s a girl to do? Next thing I know, my face is covered in a drool beard, my hair looks like Dracula styled it, and my work is still not done.

-Write. Yeah, I’m kinda doing that right now….

But to sum things up before I feel too guilty, I also have ways of keeping myself on track. The main thing is to play music I’ve heard a billion times before. That way I’m not drawn to the song, but the sound keeps me out of lala land and in the real world. Most people I know find music a distraction, but different strokes for different folks I guess. I also sit by somewhere cold. I’m a naturally warm person, so sitting somewhere warm guarantees my nap time. Sitting somewhere cold forces me to read and do so quickly. The quicker I read, the sooner I can finish up. And the last thing is setting a timer and working in intervals. My break time is half of my work time. That seems to work pretty well.

What are some ways you procrastinate or stay focused? Can you relate to any of mine? 


2 responses to “Procrastination = My Mortal Enemy

  1. workmomad says:

    My apartment in college was never so clean as it was the night or two before final exams. It was also so much easier to clean house than it was to study – and I almost never like to clean house! I got very good grades, also, in spite of my procrastination.


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