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Websites I’d Die Without

on November 22, 2011

Today’s post comes from a prompt. “What are the top five websites you’d hate to live without?” Thanks so much wordpress! (And to anyone else reading this, feel free to send me any prompts you’d like!)


I spend a large percent of my day on the computer – more specifically, the internet. Most of my time online is for school work and other important projects, but I do spend some time doing the things I want to. So I’m posting up a list of the top 5 sites I’d hate to live without. Remember that this list isn’t exhaustive, and it excludes the amazing, Here we go! I check my mail VERY often. For my friends, email is their prime form of communication. There are plenty of interesting groups that I’m subscribed to. I love hearing from people about my writing work. Those are three main reasons why I would DIE without an email account. I wrote down, but in truth, I would be okay with even a primitive account. So long as I got to check my mail as often as my schedule permits. “Hey! I have a question!” has answered so many of my questions over the years. Even though is the more popular option, I grew up on and so have some sentimental ties. The site hasn’t let me down yet! And I just love the search engine name! Even though Jeeves was laid to rest, I’m still asking questions and getting the answers I need. I’ve used this site to be a study guide before, and have recently become a member. It’s such a cool website! I especially love the sparklife section, where I can read up about a bunch of things – be it celebrities, cooking, or even blogs about books –  and they have a post up for just about anything you can think of. So I appreciate both the study and the recreational aspect to this website. When it comes to poetry writing, sometimes I can hit a creative slump for weeks! I am subscribed to’s “word of the day” and it is so fun learning all these new words. There have been a few times now, where I’ve gotten inspiration from those words. It’s a fantastic sight for people who love words! And to have an online dictionary is a bonus for me, rather than flipping through a huge hard cover book, in search of one small word in tiny font. Plus, they have a thesaurus, word games, quotes, and a word translator! I could spend all day on this site. Does that make me weird! 🙂 This website is awesome. It shows what starting off small can amount to. I hope to one day have a blog/site that’s just as successful. I’m on normally for the music, but I sometimes watch the videos as well. I am amazed at the level of talent so many different people have! It’s a great place if you want to get discovered.

Lastly, my runners up are,,, and So, tell me what you think!


25 responses to “Websites I’d Die Without

  1. Brenda says:

    The Free Dictionary, Google, Hulu, Pininterest, FB,

  2. Anita Mac says:

    It is amazing how much time can be spent on the web! I’d have to add WordPress – as an avid traveller, I learn so many great things from other peoples blogs! Love to share my experiences too!

  3. Enjoyed your post! And all the comments…learned about a few new sites to ping…thanks, folks! Google is my browser home, and is my primary go-to for searches plus wikipedia is an old reliable. I am not an obsessive bookmarker, but I do have bookmarked, more for writing inspiration when I hit a wall. And is a fun alternate. As a designer, You-Tube and Adobe TV have been a big help for software instruction, especially since I updated my Adobe CS a few months ago. Thanks for posting this…been a fun read!

  4. Sreeja says:

    i would add,, and many more to this list! oh boy! i surely do spend almost 60% of my day on the internet!

  5. Anna says:

    I love to see what sites other people hang out on, even if we have totally different choices for the websites we couldn’t live without. It’s a great reminder of how unique each of us is, even on the internet! 🙂

  6. christyb says:

    Agreed about Hotmail!!

  7. ivdanu says:

    Almost all those site plus a few more: fro great images Fine Art America and Redbubble (some stunning images over there – and I do not speak of mine…) But I am more a Google man (it just happened like that…) Interesting, your blog!

  8. themofman says:

    I don’t visit YouTube everyday or any specific site but I agree with you on the importance of YouTube. YouTube has had a far greater impact on me that Facebook or any other fly-by-night social media network that’s out there.

  9. yesisedit says:

    “If you forgot your pass word click here” is the site I think I use most … ” C)~

  10. danroberson says:

    Tough selections but WordPress has to be included.

  11. Hotmail!!! The one thing Microsoft got right! I am a HUGE Apple fan! 🙂

  12. DNatica says:

    Hulu is near the top of mine. I don’t have TV in my dorm and I love watching a show on demand while I’m getting ready in the morning!

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