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A Capella – my new craze

on November 23, 2011

I never understood why people would follow American Idol. No, let me rephrase. I never understood why people would tailgate American Idol. To me, it was just a show where millions of people would sing, the judges would weed out the crazies, and then the winner would get a bunch of money but never be heard of ever again. But that was my blunt ignorance, because now I see that we’ve all heard of many American Idol Winners such as Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, and Jordin Sparks. Clay Aiken, Mandisa, and Chris Daughtry all might have lost, but they became famous as well. Even with all of this, I’m still not super into the show. The Sing-Off has become my all time American Idol.

I heard about the show from many television commercials, and my computer wouldn’t give me peace on the subject. I really didn’t care about it at that time though. It was just another show. Then, one day I saw it pop up on Hulu, and I decided to watch one episode. Let’s put it like this: They had me at “hello.”

It was fascinating to see all of what could be done using solely you voice and throat. I was blown away by some of the performances, and I even started rooting for people. I’m horrible about watching shows on the day they air, so I always watch this show on Tuesdays (even though it comes out Monday night.)

The two groups I was rooting for were Delilah and Afro Blue. But with Delilah’s recent exit to the show, Pentatonix has taken their slot. However, Delilah will always have a spot in my heart. AND I hear that Afro Blue go kicked off… that really killed me. REALLY. No one can really take their space…. it just doesn’t work that way.

Next week I am going to try and see it Monday night! It’s the season finale, and the viewers get to vote. How could I pass an opportunity like that? I love this show, and ever since my eyes connected with episode 1, I have been an avid fan. So this is what loving American Idol or being a Gleek feels like!


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