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Roxanne part 1

on November 23, 2011

I used to have a rottweiler named Roxanne. She was the most beautiful dog I’d ever seen. And when we’d run about in the sunlight, it was as if her eyes were glowing. I loved that dog. She is no longer with me, but I still keep pictures of her on my phone and laptop. And every time I look at those photos, I reminisce about the days I ran with an angel. So I’m posting up a few of my favorites, including my blavatar picture.

Edited to look like a painting

Who could say no to such a sweet face?

It took about 20 minutes to take this shot. She was a light sleeper!

Sleeping on the kitchen floor 🙂

I got this picture while playing with her at the screen door. It was really cool to see.

One of my all time favorites

She used to love and sit by the back door to think. This was her "deep contemplation" look

If people end up liking this post, I could put up a part 2. Tell me what you think!  


11 responses to “Roxanne part 1

  1. niasunset says:

    Roxanne seems so beautiful and so clever one. You did a great set for her. I can almost understand you because I have a same story like that, but he was a cat… and He is not with me anymore too. Yes, cats are much more in my life, I love dogs too, even once I had one but it was like a battle place with my cat (the old one)… So I have another cat now in my life but she hates my camera and she escapes and hides from it. Thank you deaar Ray, with my love, nia

  2. ljr3 says:

    Love the smile and contemplation pics. My dog does not like the camera. I have to try to sneek up on him to get a pic.

  3. Gorgeous Dog! Nice pics too 🙂

  4. Miles says:

    Now I miss having a dog 🙂 Nice post.

  5. mkenobi says:

    Hi… Nice photos!

    I love pets too, but I have cats…

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