Novice Journal

A little this – a little that!


on November 25, 2011

Here is yet another poem from my co-written book, Terra Spar. It’s a scene where King Cobalt (who represents the sea) is taken on an adventure in his subconscious to learn that there is hope. Ever found yourself feeling hopeless and in need of a little pick-me-up? I certainly have! Believe me, there is an end to all the bad things! I hope you enjoy the poem.  


As the Sun shone bright, I held the light

In my right hand

And in my left, who could forget

That timer made of sand

It felt good in my palm, as my midst stood calm

All stiller than would seem

Then wonder arrived, and I lost the time

My heart began to dream

Envy and Rage had built a cage

As far as I could image

So trapped I was, and all because

My mind was stuffed with scrimmage

Above me high was my demise

My failures on an alp

Sin and faults, then above them all

Was my ever present doubt

My cheeks were stained with salty rain

By a sight too tall to climb

The Sky concealed but light did spill

Down on this hand of mine

For a sign I wished and timer flipped

As grains began to count

The time moved straight but my mistakes

From me were slipping out

They drifted up, all I’d thought of

Was leaving me at once

I waved farewell to pain that swelled

And greeted my Goosebumps

Gone to the fears and all the years

Of failure looming by

Gone to the hurts and all the worst

Blunders now I defy

Then sight returned and ease well earned

Forgiveness for myself

No matter the tide, I’ll take it in stride

And fight my troubles well


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