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Happy Friday!

on November 25, 2011

To follow up on yesterday, thanksgiving went very well. I helped make a wonderful birthday cake. It was fantastic – family recipe. Very hush-hush, you know. We had a great time as a family, and the food was fantastic. During the meal, we all went around and said some things we were grateful for. It was amazing to hear and list so many things we’ve been blessed with.

I have a thing against playing Christmas music before Turkey Day. Here is where I can officially mark it OKAY to sing about Santa at the top of your lungs. (It really bothers me when I hear “Jingle Bells” while shopping to Halloween apparel. It’s just so confusing!)

But I’m not here to talk about all my pet peeves. Maybe that’ll be another post. For now, I’m talking about the spectacular – Black Friday. I woke up this morning, and realized that while I was dreaming into my pillow, there were hundreds of people shivering in the dark, waiting for the sunrise and sales. For a second, it made me feel guilty. But the guilt vanished once I remembered that all those people were doing it by choice. Those are some brave souls. To make myself feel better about sleeping in my own bed as opposed the concrete, I’ve decided to list five reasons why staying home is probably the better option (for me):

1. It’s cold outside. The sales would have to knock my socks off in order for me to want to spend all night like an icicle. Something about spending all night shivering just doesn’t appeal to me.

2. There are rats. Oh the stories I have heard! Huge rats will sometimes run around outside and terrorize all the people!!!! Okay, maybe this reason would only appeal to the faint of heart…. aka me :/

3. It’s crowded. Every time a bunch of people are in one spot (especially if they don’t all know each other) something crazy happens. And then it goes on steroids when they’re all in the dark. Which leads me to my next point –

4. It’s night time! I’m a morning person, so this might just be for me. When I’m tired, my world can sometimes blur, and I want to have my best vision when in a crowd of crazy people!

5. After the long wait, what you came for might miss what you waited for. There have been people who have stood in line for hours, only watch someone else walk out of the store with what they wanted! How heartbreaking would that be?! If I’m to fight crowds, I’d want to know that what I was fighting for would be on the other side.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Black Friday is great! But I wrote this mainly to look at the other side of things. Which side am I on? Eh, it depends on how full I am after thanksgiving dinner. 😉 Have a great day everyone!


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