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My Dreams (poem)

on November 25, 2011

Now here’s a poem I wrote on a lazy Saturday afternoon. There is no specific spine or rhyme scheme to it, just a free-write to be enjoyed. (In fact, I used to keep a book of my poetry and called it freewrit. Random fact for you!) This is all about how my dreams can serve as an inspiration. When I can’t control life, it’s nice sometimes to escape to my dreams. Disfrute! (spanish for enjoy)


Monday’s ribbon slipped through my fingers leaving stains of unopened promises.

Tuesday’s but a puff of air.

Wednesday never came along, shrouding me in murky rainbows.

And it’s easy to lag behind, melting in the dust.

Tred upon by leather souls, sold out to commercial waste.

In a haze, you came.

Such a palpitating aroma.

Covering me in painted letters, spelling hope upon life’s canvas.

A slice of faith while I drown in confetti.

You keep me awake.

My dreams.


4 responses to “My Dreams (poem)

  1. squiznit says:

    you have quite a talent, my favourite poem of ALL time is Kubla Khan, quite a famous one you may of heard of it but if not I encourage you to read it, really gets the creative juices flowing 🙂

  2. mjray926 says:

    We’re trying to complete the writings and illustrations by next year, spring. I can’t wait to see the finished copy! Thank you for reading, I appreciate it!

  3. T Scott says:

    I really like this one too…when’s the book coming? 🙂

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