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My Top Five Favorite Things to Eat

on November 26, 2011

I love food! Especially food from outside the U.S. My parents do a lot of travel, so when they get back they love to share the food with us. I’ve learned to like quite a bit of Indian food over the past few years. This list has no certain order. I think they all share the #1 spot! I’d love to hear what your favorites are! Note: All of these are gluten-free options!

1. Indian Lentils. These are the bomb! I love to have them over rice and eat with my hands just like they do in India. It’s also fun to go restaurant hopping and taste different variants of this dish. I’ve only cooked this dish once myself, and it didn’t turn out half bad! Indian spices are what makes this dish a mouth-watterer. The smell of spices can fill the kitchen. It’s a very filling dish!

2. Thai Red Curry Fried Rice. I’ve tasted my share of regular chicken/veggie fried rice. But when I got my first bite of the same dish infused with red curry, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I learned not to leave the dish unattended in the fridge…. other people will sneak in and eat it up!!! At first I thought the curry was a bit spicy, but after revisiting this dish a few times, I’m used to the heat. And make sure you’re hungry when you eat this one – you’re going to want to eat the whole thing from start to finish!

3. Homemade nachos. One day, my twin sister and I decided to make the ultimate nachos. We used some raw cheese you can buy at you local grocer, (then melted it down in the oven over chips) and added a bunch of fun things to the mix. In the end, the dish looked beautiful, and it tasted divine! We haven’t made it in a while because there was a lot of cheese involved but I’m sure we’ll make it again! -I can still taste the goodness!-

4. Dosai. (Pronounced like dosa) It is a great, great, GREAT thing to eat on the go. It’s almost like a breakfast wrap. I love to get the regular onion and potato stuffed one. Dosai can get to be pretty long too, so sometimes it’s good to split it with a friend. I once went to a restaurant where they served complimentary dosai. I took as many as they’d let me!

5. Anything with potatoes. Fries are what I normally grab. I love hash-browns (I’m a sucker for sauteed onion) and even potato casserole -even though I don’t normally eat casserole.-  I’ve cut down the amount of potatoes I eat every once in a while, but it’s hard to stay away forever!


2 responses to “My Top Five Favorite Things to Eat

  1. Tom Baker says:

    Do you have the recipe for the Thai Red Curry Fried Rice? I would like to try to make it myself.

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