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Seasons Dreams

on November 26, 2011

Here is one of my favorite collaboration poems I’ve written with my twin for our book – hopefully coming out spring of 2012. It’s a poem about the seasons changing. It’s meant to be read as a loop – once you make it to the end, if you go back to the top and read once more, it should connect. I love seeing the seasons change drastically, and I wrote the autumn part while on a walk around my neighborhood. Enjoy!

(Character check: Himmel – the king’s elder brother. He represents the sky. Solflame – king’s son who takes the throne after his passing. He represents the sun. What do you think… should I keep writing up about this book, or choose something new? I think I’m just so excited about putting this book together!!!)

Spring Dreams: 

Blushing pink and youthful green

Pastel sky, now fresh and clean

Returning oak and blooming pine

Confidence comes to thawing vines

Mother wakes from lengthy nap

Strong enough to break through trap

Inhales deep, begins to wake

Moon dries eyes, for mother’s sake

King Solflame will rise again

His mother’s sight he does mend

Ruler returns to his throne

Melting every tree and stone

Summer Dreams: 

Forest green and fire yellow

Himmel Sky, so strong not mellow

Strengthened oak and merry pine

Are at play with cheeky vines

Mother earth let laugh escape

Robed in lovely flora cape

Mused, she sits with joyful daughter

Moon keeps watch as land gets hotter

Joyous king rules from his palace

Earth and Sea are filled with gladness

Sun in all his glory

Glowing bright for all to see

Autumn Dreams: 

Apple red and tangerine hue

Blackened sky, covered in jewels

Sturdy oak and growing pine

Slowly blinded by the vines

Mother Earth comes down to sleep

Wrapped in leafy canopies

She will be a dosing soon

Guarded by her daughter the Moon

King Solflame begins to rise

Opening his mother’s eyes

Sun in all his majesty

Shines his rays upon the trees

Winter Dreams: (Bon)

Tear stained blue and frightened white

Brilliant sky, quite still and light

Frigid oak and drooping pine

Ice is growing upon the vines

Mother earth asleep at last

Encased in white, frozen trap

She does shiver while she sleeps

While daughter in-law gently weeps

Solflame looks with bleary eyes

Soon his task becomes a grind

Sun, he shakes in misery

Sulking well below the trees


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