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My Television Heroes

on November 27, 2011

I’m not into all of the top shows. I’m not always on the television either. But I do have a few heroes that rock this world, and when I go to join the couch potatoes, I’m watching these guys and gals. 

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: He is my all time television character. Played by Mark Harmon in the glorious, NCIS, Gibbs is the head agent in his squad. He acts like a father to all of the characters, and normally goes with the “tough love” approach. His trademarked move is the “Gibbs Slap.” Even though he can seem a bit cold, he truly has a soft heart, and it generally comes out while he’s interacting with Abbey (the forensic scientist) and children. NCIS is a great show, by the way.

Trinity: played by Carrie-Anne Moss in the movie The Matrix. Not only was this movie amazing for it’s visual effects, the characters had so much depth and there was a moral and purpose to each one. Trinity was my favorite for her “tough girl” appeal and her wicked sweet fighting skill. Trinity is my heroine because she never gave up on the main character, even in times where most of her colleagues gave up on him. It was her faith in Neo (the main character) that allowed him to become The One. She’s a great example of having faith in something or someone despite the current circumstances.

Ben Bailey: Cash Cab‘s finest! He’s the game show host. First of all, I think that this show idea is a wonderful one. To host a game show in a cab? It can’t get anymore amazing! That way, a bunch of locals can play, and the television viewers can get a kick out of all the surprised cab rider faces. Ben has great humor, and keeps the show light. I typically don’t like show hosts because most of them are so full of themselves. Ben is the complete opposite. He’s a great host, and I love this show!

Mario Batali: One of the supreme Iron Chef’s from the show of the same tile. I love Batali because he’s such a slow cooker. It’s always a nail biting experience to watch him cook down to the last second, but he has pulled out so many wins! He’s also a humble chef and never gloats. His demeanor is constantly at ease, even in the heat of battle. What can shake this guy? He also cooks Italian food…yum.

Hines Ward: My all time favorite football player on my all time favorite football team!!!!! He’s an excellent player (which is why I’m sad his career is coming to an end) and an amazing dancer (winner of Dancing With the Stars season 12.) With a name like Hines Ward, you can’t go wrong. He’s got a great attitude on the field, and an blinding smile.

Mandisa: She sings, and has an incredible voice! (So many people do/have one or the other.) Her music is so uplifting. It was very cool to see her for a spell on American Idol, and it was inspiring that she didn’t change her beliefs just to win the competition. That shows some strength, and I want to follow her example. Plus, I like her name. It sounds really cool.

Adele: Finally a singer in my range! I love her voice, and she has a beautiful accent. Her lyrics make me want to write better, they have so much meaning to them! I love every song on her new cd, 21, and I’ve heard it played everywhere. She’s definitely climed up the popularity ladder. I’m rooting for her. Excellent voice, excellent songs. No complaints here.

Afro Blue: All of them. They were this season’s #5 in the show The Sing-Off. They had some very smart pieces, and I was sad they got booted. They were my favorite group from the start, and I hope I will see them again! Who knew that one college class could sound so good and work so well together?



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