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Four More Hours to Rule the World

on November 28, 2011

This is another post written from a prompt, cutesy of the wordpress rockers. 

We’ve all begged for it at one point or another. We’ve all tried to make it. We’ve all lost it. Some of us were lucky enough to find it again. Time. It’s here, and then gone. But what would life be like with four more hours? Do we really need more time? Or should we use what time we already have, more wisely? If I had four more hours in a day I would…

1. Sleep. It’s hard to get up early, especially after the late nights. If I could sleep more, life would be total bliss.

2. Spend more time blogging. I do blog a lot now, but I would work and explore the wordpress universe more if only time would allow.

3. Home cook every single meal. I’ve got more time to cook things? YES! I would try to bake and fry, blend and stir. Plus, I’d have more time to clean the kitchen.

4.  Edit photos. It’s always a big project to start working on the masses of pictures I’ve taken. I never seem to have the time. How about four extra hours? Sign me up.

5. Go on road trips all the time. Need I explain this one? It would be so cool to visit friends and not be pressed for time!

6. Play laser tag as if I were in Mass Effect. It takes a long time to move stealth-like in the dark. Four extra hours would give me the perfect amount of time to vanquish my enemy.

This is all I can think of for now. But I’m pretty sure I would do a whole lot more, given the time! What would you do with four extra hours?


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