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How to Kill time in the Doc’s Lair

on November 28, 2011

I don’t know about you, but it just about kills me to sit in the doctor’s office waiting room. There’s an eerie smell that floats about and strange people casting you harsh looks. It’s as if they’re saying “how dare you get sick! The doc was supposed to be all mine this morning. ALL MINE!” In having my fair share of logged in waiting hours, I’ve come up with some ways to kill time, instead of being killed by it myself. Does that make sense?

1. Read magazines – that’s what they’re there for! Most of them will probably be irrelevant to you (as they’re almost always that way for me) but they’re still fun to browse. There is always something new to be learned and shared inside those floppy pages. “Hey, I know the best way to take care of my iguana’s scale rash!” “Who knew that pinnaple could be so health promoting?”

2. Watch the television – if there’s even one there. Normally the volume is turned off (or down so low that it might as well be) so it’s cool to pretend like I know what they’re saying. Most of my guesses are way off base, but at least I shaved off 1 1/2 minutes. Yes!

3. Pick an object, and count how many you can find in the office. This may result in you, twisting around in your chair and calling out random numbers (“7! No, 13!”) at odd times and making the other time killers a bit confused. Who cares what they think? It’s your time that’s being killed, while they slide on by like a slug in July.

4. Count how many people there are in the room, and then make a bet to see how many people there will be left (or added) within the next 2 minutes. You can bet yourself, or the tired person dosing off next to you (that way you can always win. Who are they to judge? They were alseep…heeheehee.)

5. Pretend like your playing on your phone. I’ve got only one game on mine, and it’s prone to glitch up. BUT if you pretend like you have the ultimate game locked away on your cell, PLAY IT! It can be one of those search and find games where you stare at the screen until your eyes start to simmer. It could be one where you have to battle the ultimate Kong Frog Hopping Nija and your thumbs take over your mind. It could even be one where you have to whisper into the phone. Whatever floats your boredom boat. Hey, and it’ll even get the other patients jealous. They really want to see what that frog nija can do.

6. Pretend to fall asleep. You’ll spend so much time working on your snoring technique that time will slip through your fingers. If you’re lucky, you will actually fall asleep and be baffled that your five minute nap lasted half an hour…plus three seconds.

7. Bring a book or some music. There’s nothing like bringing a Mary Poppin’s bag to keep you extra entertained. Once I find her bag, I’m going to bring a bookshelf – with books. BOO-YAH.

8. Make friendly conversation with another patient. “Oh so what are you in for?” can be a dangerous question to start out with. Work with the light stuff like “nice shirt” or “that is one awesome glockenspiel. Did you bring it to play for the doctor?”

9. Come fashionably late. But not too late – and not too often. Try to do that on slow days and make it a super-runway-one-minute kind of late.

10. If your a writer/blogger, start writing. Get out that pen and paper and write out a poem or post to share up in/on your journal/blog. One day, you will read over those pages and be stunned at just how compsed you were while being so bored.

If you actually do any of these, shoot me a comment! I’d love to hear about it! (Yes I know I just gave you a list of 10 crazy things!!) For the rest of you, how do you kill time in the doctor’s office?


4 responses to “How to Kill time in the Doc’s Lair

  1. Eliza says:

    I don’t go to the doctor’s a lot, but I would have a book to read, and notebook and pen to write. If I’m not in the mood, I’ll just quietly observe the people there and imagine why they’re here … I kind of make up their lives.

  2. samatwitch says:

    I almost always have a book with me and/or paper and pen for writing, but sometimes I just veg out and people watch especially if I have eye drops in.

  3. Great advice 🙂 I’m lucky and usually don’t have to wait with my NEW doctor, the one I used to go to 😦 long, long wait time!! Not fun, and I used to read or talk to people 🙂

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