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It’s You I Love

on November 28, 2011

Here’s a quick one! 🙂

It’s You I Love:

If you hid your heart on the farthest horizon

Striped your sky, and hung your sun

Cast a curse of unspeakable measure

I’d take the blow, it’s you I love

If you hid like a miserable poltroon

Ran away from everyone

Your pain I would mitigate

I’m always here, it’s you I love

If you wore a peasant’s filthy rags

Cut every inch of hair for fun

And even if it’s because you had to

You’d still amaze me, it’s you I love

There’s no possible way that you can shake me

My heart’s bound with yours never to be undone

So won’t you make it easy for us?

No matter what, it’s you I love


2 responses to “It’s You I Love

  1. I wish someone would feel that way about me! Well written…well said.

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