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A lifeline would be greatly appreciated…

on November 29, 2011

To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t sure what to blog about today. I may have hit my “writing plateau” when it comes to this blog. That doesn’t mean I will give up, however it does mean that I need a little help. I need to know what you want to read, or at least get a little direction.


I’m not sure whether this is a smart move or not. Does anyone else reach a point of confusion in their blogs? I know to keep posting up my poetry, that’s a given. But I also want to post something of side interest like my posts on how to get inspiration, killing time in the waiting room, and awesome foods to eat. Reader, what do you want to hear?


So if you can, or would like to, send me an idea either through the comments section or through the “contact me” page. Feedback from readers is REALLY helpful! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and please feel free to tell me what you’d like to read!

-mjray926, your faithful blogger


4 responses to “A lifeline would be greatly appreciated…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ray – hope you are feeling better. I have just recently begun my blog too. I did have an idea of what I wanted it to look like and what I might write about, but that has changed as I write. I try to have a post each day about something – it might be a photo, a comment on the changing seasons or a poem. I have also begun to write about an old house that my husband and I lived in – called The Last Really Good Shack. I think the more you write, the more you will find to write about, if that makes any sense. Well, good luck and I will keep checking in to see what wonderful things you are writing about!

  2. heartofbella says:

    I want crazy childhood memories that no one else could experience….thoughts that reached your mind that you were too afraid to share with anyone else….just some ideas….that’s what I’m doing 😉

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