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Untitled (poem)

on November 29, 2011

After seeing a post or two that were literally “untitled” I got the inspiration for this poem. Remember, the only person or thing that determines how far you run is you. Not science, not the experts, not the haters, and not genetics. You choose. To me, that’s a freeing thought. 


You can’t put a name on me, unless it’s unforgettable

You can’t put a limit on me, unless it’s endless

You can’t stamp a date on me, unless it’s timeless

I am Untitled

No one sets a bar on my dreams, they pass me a baton

No one dampens my goals and hopes, they give me fuel to run

No one changes what I believe in, they show me more perspective

I am Untitled

If they give me chains, I turn them into medals

If they expose my flaws, I learn to laugh and change

If they say I can’t, I know for sure that I CAN

I am Untitled

When it rains, I take a sip

When it’s hard, I do not quit

When I’m drowning, I learn to breathe

When they’re all fakers, I am me

I am the Untitled


7 responses to “Untitled (poem)

  1. I like this – as someone who never uses titles 🙂

  2. I love this and think you did a great job! There are a couple of lines that I dare call “timeless” even – nice 🙂

  3. TheChronicR says:

    Very beautiful. I like it. Keep it up – awaiting some more.

  4. heartofbella says:

    I LOVE IT! 🙂

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