Novice Journal

A little this – a little that!

Excerpts from my day -while having a cold

on November 30, 2011

Here’s a little creative writing piece I put together today. I decided to write out how it feels to be a sick person (aka, me) right now. I don’t have anything serious, just a bad cold. It should leave me by the end of this week. So, can you tell which one of these actually happened today, and which ones I’m exaggerating (a tad) in? Tell me what you think  😉


Imagine waking up in a pool of glue, with a cinderblock for a head. Imagine crawling out with all that glue still clinging on to you for dear life. As you stumble about the swimming area, you wonder “how’d I get here? And why’d they change the water for glue?” The entire area is dark, and everywhere you step, the cold shock of the pool tiles slaps your feet. You trudge along. You find a door, open it, and are instantly blinded by the mighty sun. Slamming the door shut, you fall down on your knees, which then get a jolt of the cold floor as well. You rub your watering eyes which run all the harder, now that your gluey hands have made contact. You don’t want to move. You don’t want to stay. Then suddenly, that warm glue pool looks all too inviting.


Or imagine you feel great, and are hiking along when you suddenly feel a shadow pass you by. You pause, looking around for the source. There is nothing. You shrug it off and continue to press along. Then, you’re ambushed by something very heavy. You wake up with a drumming in your head, and your legs feel like noodles. A short, squat man walks in, twisting a whip in his meaty hands. Ah yes, you remember, Mr. Sore Throat. You recall earlier visits with him, and how they were all so torturous. He grins a wide, Cheshire Cat kind of smile. You scowl. Not again.


Or pretend you’re running so fast that you can barely feel your legs. Gotta get away. Gotta get away – you think. A huge beast bounds after you. You trip, and fall face first into a thorn bush. Knowing that there’s no time to get back up and sprint away, you army crawl to a nearby hiding hole. Then, you hear it; the nasty, mucus-filled breathing of the beast. You hold your breath and pray for him to pass. The beast bellows out a sound that makes your heart sink. He leaps down, and there you look into the mustard eyes of the beast.

Imagine being awoken to the sound of your blasting cell phone. You try to pretend it isn’t there, but the sound comes again and you feel compelled to answer. “Hello?” you speak into the phone. There is no reply. At this point you’re fuming. “If you’re gonna call,” you bark “at least make a little conversation!” You pull the phone away from your ear to read the caller ID. That’s when you realize….it was a text, not a call. You sigh and slump into your bed. It was too early to be called morning time. What little “morning person” you have left, convinces you to get your day going. You get yourself together for the day. You sip on hot tea. Your eyes never leave the “half open” state. Throughout the entire day, you wonder how you’re going to put this feeling of grogginess into a post for your blog. You also wonder if anyone’s going to read it. Well, whatever happens, you can certainly get a kick out of reading this when you’re healthy again.


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