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Sick on a Sunny Day

on November 30, 2011

There’s something about being sick that makes the whole world dull. It’s almost like looking through a tinted windowpane, coated in dust. The more you brush off, the more you realize just how badly the window is tinted. Looking though that window, the entire world seems just as dull and dusty. For some reason, I keep looking out that window, thinking that one day the view will change. I’d never considered changing the window before. 

I’ve been sick for the past few days. My head feels like mad apes are beating it like a gong. My eyes water as if I’ve squeezed raw onion juice into them. And my sinuses have proven that they’d rather be stuffed than free. It’s been killing me to roll out of bed with a cheerful spirit, and then to keep up the joy during the day. Instead of giving someone the biggest smile they ever did see, I’d rather frown until the corners of my mouth scrape across the floor. But reader, that wouldn’t be right, now would it? In order to focus on being happy for what I have, rather than upset for what’s been temporarily taken from me (my health) I’m posting up a few ways I try to get a positive mindset during trying times.

1. Smile. A smile can illuminate the world – or so says my blogging profile pic. Every time I am forced to smile, I’m also forced to work to be happy. The more I smile, the easier it is to be so.

2.  Listen to happy music. It is so easy for me to listen to music about how depressing life is, while I’m sick. But maybe while I’m feeling a bit down, what I really need is a pick-me -up!

3. Keep a Positivity Box. I’ve kept one over the past few years. Mine is a bag, but what you do is find a place to stash a bunch of encouraging things about you. This could be “get well” or “happy birthday” cards. It could be letters from loved ones. It could be a little trinket that reminds you of something you’ve accomplished. It could even be scripture or a fun little doodle you drew. Every time you are feeling low and worn, remember and go through the box/bag. It’s there to help you love yourself and be proud of yourself.

4. Do something fun. If you’re sick like me, you’re resources are limited. But you can still do something fun. You can write, read, sing, daydream, watch videos…. if you’re healthy, do what you gotta do! If you can spend some time doing what you love, that can be a real booster.

5. Talk to a friend. Open up! Friends are there to help spur you along life’s road. The earlier you open up, the earlier things can get better.

6. Get fresh air. There’s nothing like the sweet taste of outdoors. Feeling a bit of sunshine can do the body good. Don’t stay cooped up for long. Even if it’s only about five minutes, take some time to breathe deep. (If you can’t go outside, can you crack a window?)

So what are some ways you help yourself feel happy? And does anyone have a good way to cure a cold?


6 responses to “Sick on a Sunny Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    While staying in bed may sound rather depressing than helpful, personally I make use of it to freshen up my seemingly down spirit. Just can’t go on trying to feel good when in fact, my body is in dire need of rest. It’s the one thing that makes me sober, at least… And it’s the one thing I would trade for anything I have right now. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for sharing those wonderful tips. I am really considering in applying it, NOW.

    – Maricel

  2. Exactly. I am glad i read this because i feel pretty blaah…. so thanks!

  3. ashkitty says:

    lovely positve suggestions

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