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The Little Things….

on December 2, 2011

It’s the little things that get me excited. If there was a huge group of kids gawking into an over sized fish tank at the aquarium, I’d be the one to really appreciate the care that the cleaners put into shining the glass. If someone were to take me shoe shopping (something I rarely do) I’d spend most of my time infatuated with how they get those little chords to hold on so tightly to the product. I mean really, I’d have to exert a lot of energy just to pull one off. So here’s a post about the little things that make me so happy, I have to go hold a snow globe in blissful wonder. Now if only I had a snow globe….

1. Pressing “like” on a post, and making the number of “likes” and even number. It just makes me happy to have evened things out for the post, because it very well deserved it. Now, we can all be at peace because instead of living with the dreaded 41, Ray has pushed it over to a calming 42. And if I make it a number divisible by 10, that’s all the better. (I’d need two snow globes for that one.)

2. If I smile at someone and say “how are you?,” not only do they smile back but they also answer the question. You have no idea how many times people have just left the question hanging in the air! And then it leaves this horrible feeling inside me, like there’s something I’ve done wrong. WHAT WAS IT?! I CAN CHANGE! I’m slowly learning to let that one go, but the people who smile and respond, those people are awesome in my book.

3. Hearing little kids say “please” and “thank you.”  It gives me a bright outlook on their future. Those kids are the ones that will rule our country, save a wounded antelope, and start charity organizations. The kids that don’t, well, let’s just say the future is muddled. One day they could be innocent little duckies, the next, tyrants getting their statue torn down by the local rebellion squad. Short careers as dictators for those kids. (And here’s where I hope I said “please” and “thank you” when I was a kid.)

4. Non-Creaky floors. I love to walk around and not have the sound “grandpa-rat-on-a-megaphone” follow me everywhere. It’s a real pain to be announced every step of the way. Ugh, it just gives me the creeps, like the song Thriller should come on and a bunch of random zombies are going to dance around me. That would be terrifying to say the least. (Yes, I think about this every time I walk on a super squeaky floor. Lucky for you, I don’t do this often.)

5. Looking at paperweights. How do they jam-pack so much detail into something so small? I love paperweights and although they don’t do much aside from hold down paper, they bring me joy. They can stay – case closed.

6. Finding out that my clothes match, especially when it was all unplanned. Here’s where I’d be thinking, “yes, okay, I’ve got skill even when I’m not trying!” And then I would remember that outfit so that I could wear it again (in a different place so that people wouldn’t recognize it.) It’s nice to get complimented on something that you put together naturally -or you can at least tell people that is was. 😉

7. When people remember my name. How hard can “Ray” be? Really? The people who remember make me so happy. It shows they care. I have a lot of nicknames, and respond to most of them, but even with that plethora of names they still get them wrong. :/ I’m so grateful I’m slow to anger!

8. Watching cars let pedestrians cross. A little chivalry goes a long way. Have you ever seen the “pass it on” commercials? They’re my motto. They’re so excellently plotted.

9. Watching premiers on “premier night.” I’m so bad at doing this. There always seems to be something in the way of me and seeing the first televised viewing of the new NCIS season. Grrrr. Oh, and get this – for the newest season, I finally made it on time, got comfy, and then was called to go do something else. I wanted to kick granit. I NEED MY GIBBS TIME! (Remember, I’m slow to anger – hahaha.)

10. Getting emails regarding my blog here on wordpress. It makes me smile every time you (the wonderful readers) makes a comment, “likes,” or follows. I thank you all so much for everything!

What are the “little things” that make you happy?


6 responses to “The Little Things….

  1. Susan Balducci says:

    I like watching uncontrollable laughter from children of all ages. I like that it makes me laugh without knowing the joke. It like that it reminds me that our energy has an affect on others. I like seeing people happy and, no matter how old I get, I still like the swings:)

  2. crawlingladybug says:

    like byhisgrace211 said i’m happy when people give a “like” or leave comment on my random blog. other little things that make me happy such as taking random photos, playing with little kids, and eat anything delicious, when people from facebook or twitter recognize me when meet accidentally, and reading this post 😆 really this post makes me happy,, thanks for stopping by by the way 🙂

    • mjray926 says:

      Ah photography! One of my most favorite pass times 😀 Thanks for the comment. And your blog is a great one as well. I’m so glad this post made you smile!

  3. I like how my dog will tilt his head when he looks at me or when I get a comment or a “like” on my blog. I like seeing the birds eat the food I leave out for them and I like seeing people laugh and be silly. Nice blog by the way. I look forward to reading more! God Bless!

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