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on December 4, 2011

Alright, so to those of you following along, here’s another part to Terra Spar. (Check out my other poems in this collection!) I wrote a poem about a meadow, and then split it up into three parts, to divide the book. For this poem in particular, I gave myself the challenge to use some “word[s] of the day” from Ah! Did I use the words correctly?? I’m super excited with how far my sister and I have come in writing it. Here we go!

Meadow Part 1:

Watch the flowers effloresce

Petals dripped with sunshine zest

Lilacs dandled by soft breeze

Tulips slant lacking protest

Achenes dance cross grassy vest

Foofaraw’s dissolve upon request

Replaced by giggling physiognomies

Wind huddled deep in chirper’s nest

Meadow Part 2:

The pasture grants a toothsome offer

To lie in shade and omit bother

The whispers blow and hold you close

Whilst pouring bliss into your coffer

The ground is prinked and humming psalters

Sound resonates from every quarter

Contented flora gives a toast

To clinquant pebbles as they saunter

Meadow Part 3:

Askance thoughts melt painlessly

And Peace serves as a votary

Flaxen light embraces skin

Such sapid tranquil harmony

Troubles lost within the trees

Pamper your dilatory

Pain kneaded out through violin

Land only reached through fantasy


One response to “Meadow

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    Brilliant fun! Thanks for the follow at…and look forward to following your collections!

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