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on December 8, 2011

I’m a twin, and it’s one of the best things to be in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I love my twin sister with all of my heart, and so I wrote her this poem. 🙂

We are very opposite, you and I

I plan to run far, and you dream to fly

I work within my box, you’ve never owned said cube

Through all of this, we’ve managed to stick like glue

My height came quickly, you took your time

While I hid under silence, your laughter came alive

You were oh-so trusting, but I did fear to hurt

And yet you’ve always loved me, for better or for worse

It’s amazing how twins could never be so contrary

My vision has some light, but yours is extraordinary

I’m green; you’re red, simple foil hues

While I’m you’re helping hand, you are my muse

You’re my treasure, you’re my lamp

You’re branded on me like a stamp

While I reason, you set free

You are what I aim to be

We’re put together, no mistake

If you left my heart would break

You’re the stars, and I’m sea shells

My only twin, there’s no one else

Much love!!!



12 responses to “Twins

  1. Eastlight says:

    This poem is so touching. It seems that being a twin opens your eyes to other perspectives so well. Both of u r fortunate.

  2. tekia says:

    Love this piece and great tribute to your sister! I’m not a twin but I can certainly relate to this as I thought about my sister. Wonderful piece!

  3. I am also a twin 🙂 I have an identical twin sister, and it is the best ever 🙂 I love what you’ve written!!

  4. vijaysudar says:

    That’s so nice of you., Lovely words!!

  5. niasunset says:

    This was so nice… I enjoyed reading of this. Thank you, and also Thank you for visiting my blog, Nice to meet you Ray, with my love, nia

  6. shail says:

    Oh this is so beautiful! Loved it.

  7. willofheart says:

    I find so amusing to find u, I am also a twin and u’re right twins is like east and west always in opposite polls but never the less I love her, I am happy to find u’re blog, thank you for dropping by and liking my post … 🙂

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