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on December 10, 2011

Chiaroscuro is one of my favorite words. So I thought long and hard about this word, and decided to write a poem about it. I hope you enjoy it!


He has two minds, two traits, two sides

He shimmers in the dark, and fades into the light

In every painting, he breathes life

The great illusionist doth benight

Cloaked in ashes, silver, and grey

Battling himself cross canvas display

Harnessing darkness, embracing the day

He lives on solemn faces, and sits upon bouquets

He’s admired in this torture, this struggle, this war

His intricate combat leaves his guests wanting more

This everlasting battle, hung up for décor

He finds himself empty, he finds himself sore

Such beauty has sprung from a pain that’s soul deep

The shallow can’t find him, his captor must bleed

While he’s easy to spot his services aren’t cheap

To this harsh inward battle, he’ll never concede


6 responses to “Chiaroscuro

  1. divinecrone says:

    Oh… I may have a new favorite word now! Thank you!!

  2. AngelaJaneGrace says:

    Just loved the second Stanza! Wonderful writing 🙂

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