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Week Sum-Up 12/11/11

on December 11, 2011

Yes! I can put a “completion” stamp on week three! I can also put that stamp on a few other things…

To those of you following me, if you haven’t noticed a slight change on my site, you might want to squint a little harder at the screen. BIG CHANGES! But what exactly are they? Well, for starters, my background is no longer the happy-meadow-fresh-in-bloom scene you’re so used to seeing. Worry not, it’s only temporary. I changed it to get into the winter spirit.Wahoo snow! Wahoo frozen toes! Wahoo wonderland! Yes, I am very excited about the winter.

The next change occurs when you swing your eyes over to my right -and your right too- of the screen. Feel free to fist pump the sky here. I’ve finally decided to clean up this place. Originally, I would tell you to look at my other works, but then I realized that finding them -for you- must be such a pain! You’d have to gear up and start wading through my words just to find one simple article. So this week I’ve made an attempt to make things a little easier. You can click on categories, click on a specific month, or you could go the straight and narrow and type in a search. It’s because I love you all so much, that I do this. Here’s where you blush. Awwww.

The last thing I did was add a little widget that allows people to follow my blog via email. I have received a few requests from my “non-wordpress” friends for a little something like this. So I gave in. *Sigh.* To any of you who decide to go with this email option, remember that I post daily….DAILY. There. You have been warned. (And as a shout-out to my wordpress friends – 100 followers in three weeks? WHAT? I want to thank you all so much. Your support is overwhelming, and I promise to try and read all of your blogs as well. 🙂 )

So if there’s any way I can make this any easier on you, shoot me a comment. And as always, comment, like, be awesome, and have a great week!

Who wants POPSICLES?!


P.S. I realize I forgot to leave you with a song of the week at last sum-up. Sorry about that… But this week’s song is Smile, by Uncle Kracker. Smile bright! ❤


3 responses to “Week Sum-Up 12/11/11

  1. Debbie Hope says:

    Hi Ray

    Thanks for “liking” my poetry in motion poem……I appreciate it. I am impressed by all your followers in three weeks—-how did you do this? I have been at it awhile and still only have a few followers.

    Debbie Hope

    • mjray926 says:

      Hey Debbie!

      You’re welcome! It was a great poem. And thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my poem! As for your question – stay tuned, for I plan to answer it in my sum-up this Sunday. If you would like, I can mention you and send a link to your site in my post 🙂 cheers!

  2. Eastlight says:

    I wanna Popsicle!! Got any cranberry-lemon ones left?

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