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on December 12, 2011

I wrote a poem yesterday to put up on Ermilia’s blog – one you should all at least read if not participate in. Even though you can already see my poem in the comments section of her recent post, I decided to post it up here as well. If you would like to see the picture, click here. Enjoy!


The lovers dance

With every stance

A grueling pose

Their shadows mesh

Their stances fresh

Excitement grows

Lady Wind

Her voice is thin

But tinged so sweet

Dancing all night

Till azure sky

And then they’re – trees


8 responses to “Trees

  1. creative idea. you are really imaginative & i love how you can share that world with a world losing the ability to think out of the box. go Ray!

  2. Fons Amoris says:

    What a beautiful idea! Lovers dancing to the song of the wind who become trees. (I hope I’m right in my assumption) I love it. 😀

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