Novice Journal

A little this – a little that!


on December 13, 2011

Ever feel like you lead a “wonderdull” life – and that there could be so much more to it?


When I could be breathing in the smog of dragons

Pillaging wagons – exaggerating what happens

I’m stuck on a schedule trying hard to tie loose ends

Falling over dips and bends – making amends

While I’d rather sport silk and crown jewels

Rule over town fools – send packages by mules

I’m holding my breath, in hopes not to break the rules

Laboring with life’s tools – and finding them cruel

Do not get me wrong

Adventure has presented herself

Riding in on Chances

But I find I cannot move

When I could be piloting world renowned spacecrafts

Saving souls on a life raft – herding giraffes

I’m mourning over a ruined first draft

Setting off traps – losing at draughts

While I’d rather chit-chat with all the world’s “greats”

Visit every single state – make it to the golden gate

I find myself hiding and playing it safe

Afraid to simply create – explore what glory awaits

Yes, I amongst millions

Live a wonderdull life

One that’s teeming with excitement

But it sits, cold in my mind


18 responses to “Wonderdull

  1. Silent_Dan says:

    Your stuff really is random and assorted! I wasn’t sure what to make of the content – thought we wouldn’t have stuff in common – but then I took an arrow to… I mean, read this.

    Not-yet-formed opinion challenged within seconds. SECONDS!

  2. Debbie Hope says:

    Love this…..very crafty……..

    Keep writing!

    Debbie Hope

  3. I love the way you play with your words. Lovely poem…

  4. Ash says:

    So creative–and I feel like I can relate in a lot of ways to this

  5. Yes the world has become rather dull. Herding giraffes, sending packages by mules – them were the days. 🙂

  6. moonpi says:

    I love how this flows and I love the contrast between what we wish we were doing and what we are actually doing.

  7. samatwitch says:

    Wonderfully written with vivid imagery. I agree that it’s something a lot of people can relate to, especially those of us who write – or try to.

  8. Wow! really clever! lol, i love this. i can so relate too. i think many people can. It’s a constant balancing act, & the balance of adventure & responsibility is one i have yet to master… speaking of which, this is masterly written. i love it. A point so wonderfully expressed & fluidly shared. LOVE IT. . . all i’m going to say, is if you can write like that, see & imagine these things, & you desire that, nothing can stop you from some day getting a taste of that. Best of luck! ~unwritten truth

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