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on December 14, 2011

This is another poem about Princess Vendaval (see -Pained Memory) and her struggle to feel like she is loved and needed in this world. I wrote it to be kind of a bittersweet look on wind. Ever present, yet invisible. Her loving the children symbolizes her want for love, and how she tries so hard to care for others, but can still be overlooked. This poem may be a little too vague – let me know what you think. I enjoyed the challenge of writing it. Mirror poems are harder than they look! Enjoy, and if you’d like more, like/comment and/or read my other poems from this book! (Rain, To Think of You, Pained Memory.) Thanks for reading!  



Impossible sight

Inhale, exhale, feel

Breathe and know

Love life’s children,

Skipping around placidly placed circles

Laughter floating through open hearts

Unknown, yet gusts are strong

Singing sweet over me

From fallen tears

Gentle so, fragrance bustles about

Life’s what wind breathes

– Nature –

Breathes wind

What Life’s about

Fragrance, so gentle

Tears fallen from me, over sweet singing

Strong are gusts, yet unknown

Hearts open through floating laughter

Circles placed placidly around skipping children

Life’s love

Know and breathe

Feel, exhale, inhale

Sight, impossible



8 responses to “Invisible

  1. Haiku bear says:

    This is actually great! Looks very hard!

  2. Wow, cool poem! Weird, I read this because you liked my own poem about “wind.”
    This is different from mine, though. I like it!

  3. Nice mirror poem with great use of words creating strong imagery. Thanks.

  4. Very cool poem. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mirror poem. Looks quite difficult. Thanks for sharing!

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