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The Clash of Nighttide

on December 16, 2011

Here is a poem I wrote with my sister for a book we’re working on titled, “Terra Spar.” It’s our perspective of the Sun fighting away the Night. (Nighttide -aka The Night Mare- is a horse) 🙂

The Clash of Nighttide:

I should have felt him drawing near

His shadows ever growing here

His faintly, hoofed steps all too clear

His distant brays shall be revered

To slay this beast, I took an oath

I should have felt him coming close

Lady Rage ensnared us both

Her husband, Bitter, was our host

I should have sensed his fist attack

His hooves poised high, aimed for my back

His twisted mane, a deathly black

His conscious mind, quick to react

My fighting skill was to exalt

I should have felt his last assault

When all came quickly to a halt

I’d only won by sheer default

I should have felt him slip away

His shadows made room for the Day

His presence stained me with a bray

His rash decisions will make him pay

With silver scar, he fled wild eyed

I should have sensed him quickly hide

We’ll fight again to mend my pride

I am the Sun, and he, Nighttide


2 responses to “The Clash of Nighttide

  1. samatwitch says:

    What beautiful imagery!

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