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on December 23, 2011

I’m usually good at keeping secrets. But when it comes to giving presents, I find it so hard not to tell what’s inside!!! I have to bite my lip super hard to try and hold the secret in. I figured it was appropriate to post this up this week since I’ve been wrapping so many Christmas presents. Can you believe the big day is only 2 days away??!! (This poem ended up being waaaaay more serious then I had originally planned, but eh I think it’s still pretty okay.)


I keep you in a bottle sealed away inside my head

But your crimson liquid leaks out – spreads around

You mix with my blood and render me a slave

To your words

Try as I might to harden myself against you

It proves useless to do so – and say no

And suddenly I’m trapped on the inside

So obscure

The longer you steep in me and soak me in

The more control you gain – in my brain

A poison, and yet I feel so obliged

To keep you

So I breathe you into a tree and pillow

And the pressure escapes – disintegrates

A pang of guilt swarms over for setting you free

I’m see-through


2 responses to “Hush-Hush

  1. granbee says:

    Very dense in its multiple layers, this poem. Masterfully packed with intimations of the life’s blood given these types of relationships. ANY type of strong love offered up always drains us and fills us up simultaneously.

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