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Who Am I (part 2)

on January 6, 2012

Here’s the second “who am I” poem! The idea came shortly after reading several poetry blogs on this subject. Can you guess what this one is all about before reaching the last line?

Who Am I: (part 2)

We weep behind charcoal bars in desperation

Our bloodied fingers pry for an escape in vain

Those of us who live, mourn for the slain

Tears go punished, time makes us muted

Desperate pleas never go past life’s gate

And slowly but surely, our words slip away

We are kept in the dark by so many hearts

Hushed and entrapped and told “keep quiet”

The jail cell grows loud to all who pass by it

It hurts to be told we must stay this way

It pains us to hear that we simply aren’t worth it

It’s so sad seeing thousands laid victim to the word “quit”

Fear keeps us hindered, fear keeps us pained

Bitterness hangs us, terrified, over fire

And along in the ashes, fades our sister, Desire

Can you please spare our lives and hear our song

Our voices are frayed, grated, ripped at the seams

We dwell in your heart, and we are your dreams


10 responses to “Who Am I (part 2)

  1. Rekindle dreams? Can we once they have been crushed to dust?

    Great poem. Thanks You 🙂

  2. granbee says:

    mj, you express so powerfully, so expertly in verse form the cries of millions, maybe billions on this planet with whom we need to connect, with whom we MUST connect if this world is to continue.

  3. HT Sundance says:

    Perhaps I’m just hungry, but it seems like the poem is from the perspective of ground beef on a BBQ.

  4. Its.Sall says:


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