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Candle Lighter Award (try 2)

on January 11, 2012

I apologize to all of you who may be receiving this post in your inbox a few times. There are some glitches to this whole thing that I’ve had to work out. Hopefully, “nth” time’s the charm! 

I’m speechless, guys! I want to send a HUGE thanks to Judy for nominating me! Since I really am speechless, I’m going to take an excerpt from her post on her subject (I’d suggest you guys go and read her blog!)

“The Rules:

Whenever you see a post or blog that you think brings light to the world, put a copy of this post and give them The Candle Lighter Award. What does the recipient have to do to accept it? Just accept it. They can copy and paste the photo on this post onto their blog. What else do recipients have to do? Nothing. If they think someone else is a Candle Lighter, they can surely give them the award anytime and as often as they want. There is no limit to how many blogs you award The Candle Lighter Award to and no limit to how many times someone can receive it.” – Judy

Whoa, so what you’re saying is that there really are no rules to this? I just accept it? Sweeeet! Although, I HAVE to pass this on to a few people, because blog awards are such precious gifts.

Granbee – thank you for being such an encouragement and “light” to my blog! I believe wholeheartedly that you deserve this award. Great blog, keep posting!

Eric – thank you as well for following my blog and for such positive comments! It’s all greatly appreciated! 🙂

Doudou – okay so this blog I nominated for an entirely different reason. Check out the blog – it’s great. There’s just something about those precious little birds that brings me such joy! Yeah, I may just be crazy, but I think the birdies rock!

I’m speechless, AH! Shining a light with my words for people to see is EXACTLY what I had hoped to do with my blog. So I want to rethank Judy, and thank all of you reading this. Thanks, and keep shining your lights!


19 responses to “Candle Lighter Award (try 2)

  1. […] singular thanks to Ray, blogging as novice journal, for passing the Candle Lighter Award on 12 January 2012. Though it is the second, I am completely […]

  2. The Hook says:

    Blogging awards rock, don’t they? There’s nothing like recognition from one’s peers.

  3. christyb says:

    Congratulations Ray! I’m pleased your blog is getting great recognition!

  4. Jane Thorne says:

    Ray you so deserve this award…you are indeed a bright light – Jane

  5. TayabIqbal says:

    On the topic of candles – candles lit outside at night = WIN!

  6. granbee says:

    I am so very honored by your naming my blog for receiving your nomination of the Candle Lighter Award. Your blog is certainly deserving of this award. I am so pleased you feel I have been encouraging to you. I love our blogging community so much, how could I do less? Right now, I am totally immersed in developing my Dream Journal images into illustrations for my adult fairy tale series, much of which you have been reading on my blog these days. I hope to complete the outline steps for accepting this award in a week or so. Bless you and be well!

  7. Julie says:

    Congratulations. 🙂

  8. Eric Alagan says:

    What a wonderful recognition. Thank you Ray. Continue to be a candle…God bless, Eric 🙂

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