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on January 14, 2012

I have to admit, haikus are WAAAAY harder than they look. But I gave this one a try! Yes, another thing about nature, but hey, I just can’t get enough of it! Tell me what you think!

Spring Wind: 

Faded footsteps print hillsides

Breaths hug rolling waves

Softly kisses baby wings


23 responses to “Hai-who?

  1. granbee says:

    I was already imagining I sniffed a pre-cursore of spring in the air here in the DeepsouthUSA (I have daffodils about to bloom beside my front walk already!). Now you make me positively ACHE for spring with this tantalizing haiku!

  2. Ben Naga says:

    Just five syllables,
    And then another seven?
    A piece of cake!

  3. Very nice! Keep up the good work. Nature is such a source of inspiration for me too!

  4. willofheart says:

    it is awesome lines …

  5. Julie Catherine says:

    Beautiful, I love this Haiku! ~ Julie 🙂

  6. Eric Alagan says:

    Sorry – it should be Ray…my age, I reckon 😦

  7. Eric Alagan says:

    Hello Tom,
    They are difficult but see how well you did.
    Peace, Eric

  8. thomag1 says:

    so gentle. ….I think ya got it…..nice.

  9. Lisa says:

    I think it’s good 🙂

  10. Open Up Life says:

    I like it. Keep up the great inspiration!

    Thanks for liking my photos.
    Truly grateful,

  11. I enjoyed it. I had to look up what haikus was. 🙂 So I learned something new. 😉

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