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Week Sum-Up 1/15/12

on January 15, 2012

It’s the start to the third week in January, and I’m still writing 2011. I’m hoping I’ll get used to writing a 12 by the time June March comes by.

Have you ever written a letter to yourself and then opened it a year later? I did it once, several years back, and it was so amazing to see the many prayers (some of which I had forgotten about) answered. It really boosted my faith! I did something similar last year, and once again, it’s been incredible to read through my prayers and see many of them fulfilled. I find it hard sometimes to remember the things I have prayed for, so writing them down has helped me a lot. In fact, I had completely forgotten that starting a blog was something I prayed for! Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this journey.

I want to thank everyone who took The “Not” Quiz. It was really fun and encouraging to see how everyone responded! If you still haven’t taken it, don’t be shy! Take it here. I promise, it’s super easy, and everyone gets an automatic A+!

This next week, I will be trying my pencil at a few new types of poetry (for instance, yesterday’s Haiku.) It’s never too late to start exploring!

The song of the week: Wordplay by Jason Mraz (I thought it suited this week’s venture)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

-Ray 🙂


15 responses to “Week Sum-Up 1/15/12

  1. graphicpip says:

    I like your idea very much as it keeps track of the stuff that gets fulfilled… Thanks..! I love the internet..~

  2. Wow! Writing a letter to myself sounds like an EXCELLENT idea! How come I didnt think of that lol! Thanks for “liking’ my blog post, and from the looks of it, I will enjoy yours as well! Thanks for the great idea!


  3. Ray.. I must admit… I didn’t take your NOT quiz.. just because I’m shy.. :-))

  4. granbee says:

    Ray, you are just so upbeat and peppy! Thanks for reminding me how much I wanted to start my own blog until my daughter-in-law’s wonderful example spurred me on last September!

  5. christyb says:

    I look forward to reading your poetry! Another great post Ray.

  6. Open Up Life says:

    Never did that, but you gave me an idea.

    Also want to thank you for liking my photos!

    Peace and love,

  7. I did this years ago – what a great idea. I was amazed by the results.

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