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on January 19, 2012

Once again, I picked this from the list at Shadow Poetry. Here’s the nonet!


Carefully placed footsteps on moonbeams

Stardust is caught between her toes

World held in hands with wonder

Every wish made command

All is possible

Conquering fear

Still she sleeps



Author’s Note: While I’m mostly content with how this poem came out, I wasn’t super thrilled about the last line. A part of me wanted to cut it out all together for lack of a better word, but I decided to keep it for now just to complete the nonet.Β 


16 responses to “Dreamland

  1. imashwin says:

    I thought about the last line for a bit.. And it seems to fit perfectly.. Its a beautiful piece of poetry..

  2. It sounds so sweet. I really like it! πŸ™‚

  3. the777man says:

    What a lovely blog you have here! I enjoyed both photographs and poems as I read down through the page. By the way thank you for stopping by my blog last night or today. I appreciate your time and liking my post on judgment. Hope you will stop by more. I will definitely be following your poetry and photography.

    By the way did you read clear down to find out about our writing contest on our other blog? Check it out, we are doing it for charity.

    Peace and Harmony

  4. polly says:

    absolutely beautiful, I love your poems

  5. 90dphillips says:

    Absolutely spellbinding! I’ll never see my dreams the same ever again!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Simply amazing, took me right to an imaginary place of grandiose possibilities πŸ™‚

  7. willofheart says:

    for me this piece is written fantastic it makes me feel the beauty of the dreams… I am nominating you for Genuine Blog award you can link at: … πŸ™‚

  8. granbee says:

    Ray, this is far beyond enchanted, ethereal, magical: it is other-worldly! The next time I dream about tip toeing on moonbeams, I will check for stadust between my toes before putting on my shoes the next morning. You see, you have made me a believer!

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