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Week Sum-Up 1/29/12

on January 29, 2012

Good afternoon everyone! There’s nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon to get some poetry inspiration going. I love to just sit in a quiet place and begin sewing words together in my head. With that being said, thanks so much for the encouragement on yesterday’s post! I had that one on the back burner for a while, so I’m glad it was well received.

Life right now is inching along at a fairly moderate pace. I love this time of year! Once the spring weather arrives, so do the hectic schedules and the mad-dashes for more time. Don’t get me wrong, I love every season, but for different reasons.  Everything that has at least one pro, also has a con unfortunately. Still, with each season that comes, I learn to cherish it all the more before it has to leave. What is your favorite season? Pros and cons?

Tomorrow is the last Monday in January. Already?! Next thing you know, it’ll be time to post up pictures of budding flowers. I can’t wait! Have a great rest of January everyone, I’ll see you all tomorrow for the last Photo Op of the month!

Song of the Week: Blink, by Revive. (This one’s got some great lyrics!)

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Till tomorrow!



6 responses to “Week Sum-Up 1/29/12

  1. granbee says:

    Ray, I was encourage to value each season for its own special gifts and purposes as a childn growing up on our family farm. Winter for me is a time to get back in touch with the internals and to plan for the externals!

  2. gymeagary says:

    Hi Ray – it’s the www for a reason. Here in Sydney, Australia we have had our wettest summer I can remember and are now one month out from Autumn. Spring is a distant memory or a longly awaited anticipation. The pro about a cool and wet summer has been the first such season without bush fires. The usual headlines about the state being a “tinder box” have been strangely absent. I love autumn. The pollens in spring tend to bring on allergies.

  3. Julie Catherine says:

    Hi Ray, and a wonderful, lazy Sunday to you too! My favorite season is autumn – I love the word, ‘autumn’; I love the crispness of the air, the crunch of leaves, the brilliance of the fall colors … and not so much the knowing it will all be gone far too soon. Hmmmmmm… I think there’s a poem in there somewhere …… ~ Julie 🙂

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