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Week Sum-Up 2/5/12

on February 5, 2012

Hello everyone! How has your week been? This week for me has been a great one! 🙂 I ordered Terra Spar, completed my 100th post, and managed to survive a week being sickness-free! It seems I’m escaping my coughing blues yet! As promised, I’m going to answer yesterday’s post here today.

1. I’d rather be a tiny rhino. That’s mainly because tiny things are amazing, and there’d be so much more world to explore!

2. I’d rather…..this is a tricky one…. I guess I’d rather never speak again, and that’d give me a great reason to go ahead and learn Sign Language. It’s a beautiful language. Plus, I could still blog so I guess I’m not really missing out on anything. Oh! And I could still sing everything I needed to! hahahaha.

3. My favorite genre is a close match between Mystery Books and Coloring Books. I just can’t choose! They’re both so fun! Cookbooks are a close 2nd/3rd.

4. I think snow is better. Every time.

5. I have to say that Ninjas are cooler than Pirates.

6. I’m a definite dog person!

7. Having no internet is probably the worst. Crazy right?!

8. For some reason, the last laugh looks rather tempting….

9. Rattlesnake Copper or Wilted Tulip

Again, thanks to everyone who played!  I hope you enjoyed yourselves! 🙂

Song of the week: Say by John Meyer. Just say what you need to say!

See you tomorrow!



4 responses to “Week Sum-Up 2/5/12

  1. disperser says:

    I cannot tell you how sad I am . . . Ninjas? Really?!?

    You think tiny guys running around in black pajamas are cool?

    I think you need to read my Pirates versus Ninjas story (only if you want to).

  2. granbee says:

    Well, Ray, I had more in common with you than not. But being a word person, I had to be honest and admit I would hate never to be able to talk again. Also, I first answered dog person, then changed to blog person because blogging has totally changed my life, gives me so much inner peace because my ideas are accepted by so many. So much support, including yours, Ray! Bless you!

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