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Duly Noted

on February 11, 2012

Here’s one I wrote a while ago… (Sometimes enough pessimism is just that – enough!) 🙂

Duly Noted:

Yes I hear your many criticisms

Yes I hear your harsh remarks

And I understand your pessimism, really, I do

But I think we’ve both been through enough

Your point –for sure- has been made

Let’s agree to simply disagree, let’s move on to something new!


8 responses to “Duly Noted

  1. granbee says:

    Enough IS enough, for sure, Ray! You tell ’em!

  2. Christy says:

    Great message here. Move away from the positivity, just step away!

  3. 90dphillips says:

    People need to hear themselves talk. They should just get a blog to sort that part out, and the pessimism will wash away. If only, haha

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