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Week Sum-Up 2/12/12

on February 12, 2012

Happy Sunday, everyone! Well, Winter decided that it did a horrible job in December and January (which I completely agree with) and so has turned the temperature down to the single digits. Fun. It was hard to tell how much snow we’d get, but from the looks of things, just a light dusting. It seems like Winter just didn’t have it this year. There’s always December of 2012, my friend!

While I’d normally be calling out for more cold weather, I can’t help but get excited for more sun! Warm weather means that once again, it’s time to take out my trusty camera and snap some fun shots! Give me a few weeks for the warmth to set in, and then I’ll go bananas with my cam.

Valentine’s Day is coming on Tuesday! Anyone have any plans? I was never one to make it a big day, but an excuse for more chocolate is always welcome. As a side note, since normally Valentine’s is the exact middle of the month but this year we have an extra day, would that make noon on Valentine’s the center? As in, 14 ½? Questions, questions.

Song of the week: Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine

Wishing you a wonderful week!


EDIT: NJ now has 555 followers! With 5 being my favorite number and all, it’s made my day. Thanks to all of my followers!


11 responses to “Week Sum-Up 2/12/12

  1. granbee says:

    Wishing you lots of love, sun, and chocky!

  2. Robyn G says:

    Hello and thanks for visiting my blog 😀
    Am glad you liked my Eiffel Tower post.
    Looking forward to having a look around your site too.

  3. Vika says:

    This weather is so strange! 70+ degrees in January, and under 30 in February! Mother nature needs to wake up and get with the program…

  4. My plans for Valentine’s Day are to scoff the 2 boxes of chocs I’ve bought myself (no one else will buy me them LOL).

    I’m looking forward to the spring, the re-greening of the country when the trees come out, and hopefully some sun – although in the UK we can’t usually guarantee much of that!

  5. 90dphillips says:

    Stereo hearts definitely song of the week. I can’t stop singing it.
    And I’ll go ahead and put a vote in for your 14.5 theory, because everything should have a halfway point so people can know when they’ve gone half the journey. Like workouts with even increments of reps. 🙂

    • mjray926 says:

      When I first heard it, the song was stuck in my head all week! I think the lyrics are pretty clever. 14.5 is a much easier way to write it…. why didn’t I think of that?? 🙂

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