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Monday the 13th

on February 13, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend. Mine was swell, as most weekends tend to be. While normally I’d post up a picture for the week today, I’ve decided to hold off until tomorrow, so you can see the mini project I’ve been working on. Okay, less  project, more  craft.  And with no picture to hide behind, and a smidgen of writer’s block, I have found myself with a classic, Monday the 13th situation. Bad luck comes on Friday the 13th, writer’s block comes Monday the 13th. 😉

So today won’t be poetry, and there’s no photo to be shared. Rather, we’re playing yet another game! Have you ever played those games where you’re given a word and then need to make up some crazy definition for it? My sisters and I used to play our version all the time and gave it the appropriate name,  Dictionary. Care to play along? Remember, you’re trying to come up with a crazy definition! Submit as many answers as you’d like in the comments section, and if you enjoy this, I may bring it up again!

Here are this week’s words:




And just to keep things interesting for anyone who participates, the winner of this little game can choose one word for the next round, along with their definitions posted, and a link (in that post) to their blog. The people in second and third place can also choose the words that will be used for the next round. On Sunday, I will send the people in first, second, and third place a congratulatory comment informing them of their win! Round #1 ends on the 19th at midnight. Make sure not to miss the deadline!

Have fun everyone!



17 responses to “Monday the 13th

  1. Christy says:

    Hehe word games are fun!

    Morph – The newest ‘Transformer’ figure to hit the stores and its flying off the shelves!

    Pecksniffian – A snobby type of fellow who makes you want to sneeze every time you get close to him. Sneezing makes you irritated like you just want to peck at him!

    Crescendo – A new type of pastry. Add a little bit of strawberry jam and enjoy the snack 🙂

  2. Pecksniffian used to describe the feelings someone has when they catch their lover with another person…..she looked at him with pecksniffian disdain

    Morph – used to describe things in great quantities such as in I love you morph

    Crescendo-the top of something…..he touched the crescendo of her heart lol

  3. Pecksniffian: The sound that whispers through your nose when lifting a basket of oysters.

    Morph: The spoken way words change while eating mashed potatoes.

    Crescendo: The – that issues when cracking one’s tibia on an extended drawer.

  4. DeftRubenator says:

    pecksniffian – the phenomenon that occurs when a tall man and a short woman hug one another, note: this is more pronounced when the woman is crying.

    morph – directly opposite of souph and perpendicular to both eaph and weph

    an additional quantity, amount or abundance of “ph”

    crescendo – what Irish bakers do to produce various types of bread. (“Finnegan, what are ya doin lad?” “Well, Flanagan, i’m crushin dough”

  5. Pecksniffian: the one who picks stuff from a market shelf, unnoticed
    Morph: the shout that comes with the final lunge: “Morph!”
    Crescendo: A languid kiss!

  6. Luv and I Do says:

    Hi :)!! Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blog award!! It will post after midnight and can be viewed here:

  7. randomyriad says:

    Pecksniffian: a word describing how a chicken follows a scent.
    Morph: Robin Williams T.V. sitcom character.
    Crescendo: from Japanese; the study of the art of crescen practiced in a crescen dojo

  8. granbee says:

    Well, Ray, I am just morphing into nonsensical ol’lady eccentricities right now, assigning the next pecksniffian duties to my trusty detective dog Howler, who always bays in every increasing crescendo when he finds the guilty armadillos that dug the holes last night in HIS, Howler’s, yard!

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