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You be You and I’ll be Me

on February 22, 2012

You be You and I’ll be Me:

I wished to be you for a spell, yes I did

Because I never quite liked myself

The “me” that I’d gotten just would not make due

So I figured I’d be someone else

You looked at the mirror and sighed, yes you did

The you looking back was ridden with flaws

Nor poking nor prodding nor pinching nor pulling

Could ever quite cover it all

I made up my mind that since you weren’t me

And I wasn’t you –yet- we should make the switch

Holding breath in our lungs with anticipation

I received that, and you received this

You flaunted me up and you flaunted me down

Your joy stood up and leapt over mountains

Free from you, I from me, we both lived happily

Then consequences, we started counting

Turns out we were just as flawed as found before

The only difference, we had different skin

You’ve got a big nose and my toes are too long

Ungratefulness flared up again

How can you share love when there’s no love inside?

You for you, and me for me

Why did we think being another would solve this?

We’re still just ourselves, can’t you see?

If we make peace inside, our actions will follow

Lesson learned, learn to love what you see

As I stand here and ponder the current events

I say, you be you, and I, me

Peace and love

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15 responses to “You be You and I’ll be Me

  1. Wow Ray
    Its a great one.. Anyone and everyone can relate to it…
    Eris’ statement, “It doesn’t need to be all yours- what are we but products of everyone we encounter?” .. is all about me…
    It is pleasure reading your work!!
    Priyanka 🙂

  2. I like this!! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I’ve checked out yours a bit and love your dictionary challenge idea–hopefully i’ll participate in the next round!

  3. Speaking as someone whose spiritual shape is constantly changing, there is so much that I agree with in this poem. Now I’m sure that sounds silly, but hear me out a moment.

    Even though I love to change and I love the shift between mental gears and the way my mind flows from one shape to another almost effortlessly, that’s ME. This is a poem about being yourself and not trying to be anyone else, and that’s something I struggled with- and struggle with still to some extent- alll through high school and allll through the teen years of my life. I’ve mostly settled down, but I still go crazy every once in a while and decide I need to be one way or another simply because someone I see is like that. I’m impressionable, after all, and people are constantly leaving impressions in me.

    For my own part, when I make shifts in mind and in spirit, if not so much in body, I do try hard never to take mental shapes that are clearly copy/cut/pasted from someone else’s heart. In this life you get one go ’round that we know for sure, you can take it or leave it as what you like, believe and have faith in whatever you wish, and you should. It doesn’t need to be all yours- what are we but products of everyone we encounter?- but it most definitely needs to have you in it somewhere if you ever want to have a hope of being true to yourself.

    I hope that didn’t come off as preaching. I just mean that that’s how I see the world and that I can relate to the poem for it. Well, that and the never really being satisfied until we realize that who we are is right where we start from.

    Lovely poem. I think “make due” is off a bit. I’d say what you were looking for is probably “make do”.

    The line “Nor poking” could be “No poking” followed by all those beautiful “nor”s, simply because nor is s’posed to be used as a negative successive conjunction, if I recall correctly!

    But it is, of course, your poem! How you structure it is entirely up to you, and who am I to offer criticism unasked?

    It is a wonderful poem in any case and obviously that’s what, in a roundabout way, I’ve been trying to get at the entire time. I especially like the repetition, the rhythm and the overall message. That is to say, I like it all. ❤

    Cheers and best wishes,

    • mjray926 says:

      First off, I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed and have been able to resonate so much with the poem! There is much truth in your words, and it’s great to hear things from your perspective!! And I greatly appreciate your little suggestions at the end – very helpful!
      Good bless,

  4. Perfectly spoken. Discover yourself and you will know the world.

  5. Maggie L R says:

    A lot of truth unfortunately, we often look with envy at others because we cannot truly see ourselves until we are at peace.

  6. 90dphillips says:

    To be truly happy with oneself, such a difficult task. If we actually took those moments of feeling down about who we are to review where we’ve come from and where we’re headed, I feel we’d be more content. Easier said than done haha

  7. granbee says:

    Peace be unto you, as well, Sister Ray! I loved it when you said:
    “If we make peace inside, our actions will follow.” Each of us is a work of art. If we love that masterpiece, we can love the wonder inside the other person!

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