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Dictionary Round 2

on February 27, 2012
"Focus" on Education - A Dictionary ...

"Focus" on Education - A Dictionary Closeup (Photo credit: cityyear)

Alright! Today is the start of Dictionary Challenge Round 2! And last week’s winners sure have given you all a challenge. Before the words are revealed, let’s go back over the rules!

Objective: Come up with a crazy/creative definition for each of the three words listed. (Make sure it’s something completely original!)

Rule #1: Keep it clean and family friendly! 🙂

Rule #2: Have fun.

Remember, you can submit your answer anytime this week. The deadline is the 3rd of March (meaning, that’s the last day you can submit an answer!) You can also come up with as many entries as you’d like – the more the merrier! Now here are this round’s words:




The winner of this little game can choose one word for the next round, along with their definitions posted, and a link (in that post) to their blog. The people in second and third place can also choose the words that will be used for the next round. On Monday, I will send the people in first, second, and third place a congratulatory comment informing them of their win! 

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Enjoy your week!


16 responses to “Dictionary Round 2

  1. Darrel says:

    Hugger-mugger: 1. Noun: Someone who gives dangerously strong and prolonged bear hugs, sometimes resulting in asphyxiation by hugging.

    Potent: 1. The tent belonging to Po from Kung Fu Panda. 2. Any tent upon which the image of Po is displayed.

    Fluorescent: 1. A floor that flies. A larger model of the flying carpet. (credit to my 6 year old brother)

  2. qs1998 says:

    Hugger-mugger: Species related to Bigfoot located in the Alabama swamps.

    Potent: The word to describe the smell under your sister’s arms.

    Florescent: A new brand of fluoride that leaves your teeth glowing in the dark.

  3. hugger-mugger: (n.) the dashing of extremely high hopes
    E.g. “It was a real hugger-mugger when Dave chose Alice’s cherry pie over my delicious cheesecake.”

    potent: (n.) a collection of embarrassing photos, videos, and anecdotes
    E.g. “My only fear about introducing Jake to my family was the inevitable surfacing of the potent.”

    fluorescent: (adj) smelly, foul odor, strong scent
    E.g. The flourescent decomposing skunk forced everyone to plug their nose and hold their breath as they passed by.

  4. Jennstar475 says:

    This is so fun I had to share the love and re-blog your post. Haven’t done a re-blog before so hope I’ve done it ok! 🙂

  5. granbee says:

    Well, Ray, as I have said I don’t officially do contests. However, once again, your chosen words got me going and I imagined a flouresent nose poking out at me at my doorstep, then potently hugger-mugging me into recognition of a favorite first cousin I had not seen in years. Must write a poem about this, yes I must!

  6. Christy says:

    Another contest!
    1. Hugger-mugger – Someone who hugs you and reaches in your back pocket at the same time to take your wallet. Masking the theft with a hug, well that’s one way to do it!

    2. Potent – The grandson of Mr Edgar Allen Poe. He is a junior but he certainly writes well too!

    3. Fluorescent – The smell of flour after it has been added to the cookie batter. Yum, cookies! 🙂

  7. Jennstar475 says:

    Hugger-Mugger – 1. Noun. an angry faced but surprisingly friendly vagrant prone to unexpected displays of affection (n.b. UK English ‘mug’ meaning face)
    2. Hugger-Mugg /past participle -ed – Verb. Hug stealing. Usage ‘She went to bestow a hug on her best friend but found she’d been hugger-mugged’ and had to resort to air kisses.

    Potent – 1. Domestic cousin of the Ents (ancient tree people of middle earth), for house or garden decoration and personal tree hugging.
    2. Home of the red Teletubby

    Fluorescent – 1. Noun. Version of the flu..or isn’t?
    2. Verb. To reapply a strong smell of fluoride 

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