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on March 3, 2012

Here’s my first try at writing a poem with the title, Eve. (I’m considering taking some other angles, but with the same title.)


Our breath held taut by fear

As time fell from our hands

We could only wait

As dust drifted from the clouds

And smog escaped our lips

The cheery old man was sure to come

Greet us with a glint in his eye

A knowing grin, with boxes of treasures

As a giant orb slid down Times Square

A cacophony of voices blend so suddenly

Shouts leap from every throat

Now you look older somehow

It’s been a year since we last spoke

As we look back to when man’s crime

Was nestled in his heritage

But spoken words destroyed his fetters

Yet the man who spoke never saw the end

His birthday came and went

As we already feel fireworks pierce the sky

While the glow spills on cotton candy faces

Grill burning and smoke tickles everyone’s nose

As an anthem is sung loud

Summer stretched out on a picnic blanket

As we don many costumes and face paints

And a wolf howls in every house

The sky grows an eerie dark shade of purple

Canine teeth extended while red eyes shine

Capes and skeletons get ready for their meal

As we stay late into the night with a stove

Filled to the brim with turkeys and stuffing

Grace is said by the eldest among us

And we are grateful for everyone present

Nostalgia strikes for those in endless sleep

As once again the dust falls and the carols echo

A quiet emanates beneath white carpet

Again we watch the sky for hooves

Our figures stand, encased in statues

The forever wait before the sun

Snow crystals 2b


8 responses to “Eve

  1. This is wonderful! Love ♥

  2. granbee says:

    Wonderfully successful poem celebrating those special occasins for families to gather and remember, remember, always on the “eve” of the coming joy and remembrances!

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