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Dictionary Round 3

on March 12, 2012
Electric Dictionary

Image via Wikipedia - it's an electric dictionary! Fancy!

Ready your pencils! Sharpen your minds! We’ve stumbled upon Dictionary week three! 🙂 I’ll keep it brief so that you can start coming up with definitions. Here’s the premise.

Come up with a crazy/creative definition for each of the three words listed. Oh, and do make sure it’s something completely original!

Rules – allll plain and simple below

Rule #1: Keep it clean and family friendly:)

Rule #2: Have fun.

See? Not so bad after-all!

Here are your words to define:


>Pericombobulate (p.s. this winner went out of the box and decided to use a word from Blackadder)


Have fun!



11 responses to “Dictionary Round 3

  1. carolisle says:

    Panjandrum: Chaos in a nightwear factory.
    Pericombobulate: A chemical compound to make boobu’s all better.
    Hamsterdam: qs1998 may have it right but I say: A place hang your smoked meat.

  2. willofheart says:

    Ayaya this make me stumble and need to dig hahaha

  3. norinep says:

    Panjandrum: the act of beating a drum while walking around in your pajamas.

    Pericombobulate: what happens when your dentures are loose and fly out of your mouth when laughing.

    Hamsterdam: The original home of all hamsters. Hamsterdam was overrun by hamsters and the population was relocated to Germany, France and Switzerland.

  4. granbee says:

    As you know by now, Ray, I don’t do these contests. But I would love to munch on a hamsterdam while pericombobulating all around the local panjandrum festival!

  5. qs1998 says:

    Pajandrum: A type of East Indian drum.

    Pericombobulate: The scientific name for a latte.

    Hamsterdam: The dam that hamsters make in the wild. (See also guineadam)

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