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Dictionary Round 3 Results, and a few other things…

on March 20, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve updated! Sorry for the delay, everyone. You’ll see in my poetry post (whirlwind) what life’s been like as of late. But for today’s main post, I’ll crown some Dictionary Round 3 winners, sum up last week, and add the song of the week. Here we go…

Week Sum-Up 3/20/12

First, a glimpse at my life. I’ve been as busy as a bee! But it’s all good stuff, I assure you. between writing, babysitting, and working to stay in sync to my calendar things have been a blur. I know I’ve done a lot, it’s just hard to remember the specifics. BUT what I do know is that we’re finally in Spring! Hurrah! It’s lovely outside and I long to just take a stroll. Hopefully it will be sometime soon. Thanks to everyone who has been following and checking in. I appreciate the support! I’ll be adding some more quotes to the Quotes Page very soon, so stay tuned!

Song of the week: Put it in Perspective by Duffy

Happy first Day of Spring!


Dictionary Round 3 Results

These were some tough words to work with! But I did see a theme in some of the definitions. You guys really had me thinking! You’re all so creative!

Second and Third place winners get to choose one word each for the next round and I’ll add a link to their blogs. First place winner gets to choose one word as well, they get a link to their blog, and I’ll post up their definitions here! Let’s see here…

Third Place: qs1998

Second Place: norinep

First Place: carolisle – Congrats!! 🙂

Her definitions were:

Panjandrum: Chaos in a nightwear factory.
Pericombobulate: A chemical compound to make boobu’s all better.
Hamsterdam: qs1998 may have it right but I say: A place hang your smoked meat.

Thanks for participating! Make sure to send your definitions to me soon – either through the Contact Me page or the comments below- and enjoy the rest of your week!


3 responses to “Dictionary Round 3 Results, and a few other things…

  1. granbee says:

    Love your celebration of spring and your sharing of the Dictionary Round 3 results! So much fun! Really tweaks our brain muscles!

  2. saymber says:

    I know this isn’t PC but I’m currently in the process of dictating my journals starting i 1984 to present, using voice recognition software, into my computer and came across a “sniglet” I made up back then — blubbaghast — the act of being overcome at the site of a morbidly obese person. Like I said I know this isn’t PC and I’ve grown a lot since being a teen but just had to share. Since I’ve gone through being quite overweight (still struggling) I feel qualified with this sniglet.

  3. Barbara says:

    Loved carolisle’s definitions!

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