Novice Journal

A little this – a little that!


on March 20, 2012


Surface waves

Surface waves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever been caught in a whirlwind?

Where all the colors blur and fade

And you wish for just a second of silence

To hear your own thoughts

And you know you’re busy

Because you’re always tired

Yet caught up in an endless web of responsibilities

Every now and then you come up for air

Only to find you don’t know where you are

Or how you came to be floating in an ocean

And many absurdities

While seagulls circle above

You slip back below the surface

As your lungs struggle to hold the air

Or what is now left of it

Then the moment comes when the waves have parted

The sun shines and beckons you forth

“Now you restless traveler, come home, come home”

As you look up at the sky

Your heart stops

Staring into the face of a great eye

In a blink, the waves hurl themselves upon your head

Asleep, you’ve fallen, yet endlessly awake

To every deed you held yourself captive to

And now chains of promises hang from your wrists

Have you ever found yourself in a whirlwind?

Hopeless and circling for hours, for days

And then a tap on the shoulder comes to reveal

All you’ve ever had to do

Is stand up

You’ve been in the shallow end

All this time


6 responses to “Whirlwind

  1. granbee says:

    How true-to-life a metaphor this being caught in a whirlwind/whirlpool/undertow is for how we often react to relatively minor difficulties in our daily lives! Masterful,NJ–truly masterful. You have my congratulations!

  2. saymber says:

    Definitely “been there” Novice and relate to this writing. You illustrate controlled chaos very well. I can remember many times in my life of being pulled in so many directions and just completely overwhelmed with exhaustion. One time it was so bad I considered hurting myself just to make it stop. Then I had this dream: There were these German Shepherd puppies – cute friendly little things until the rabbit showed up. The each grabbed and appendage of the rabbit and pulled it apart. This dream was horrific symbology of my life at that time…a rabbit being pulled apart from what seemed like good circumstances. You just have to be careful with personal boundaries. The Universe won’t give you more than you handle but you are responsible for being mindful of how much you try to handle!

  3. Angela says:

    Just love this:

    “All you’ve ever had to do
    Is stand up”

    Great poem!!

  4. Julie Catherine says:

    You described that perfectly – I had to laugh when I got to that last few lines, because it’s just so true! Great write, I enjoyed this. 🙂

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