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May Tomorrow Treat You Well

on April 21, 2012

Guess who found time to write! This gal! Enjoy this poem made from stream of consciousness 🙂

May Tomorrow Treat You Well
Fingernails scrape across the sky
Burning a trail through a clouded ground
Drifting in wind came a chilling sound
The sunlight’s almost gone
Busy city through an eagle’s eyes
Nothing more than a concrete prison
If only for a breath we’d stop to listen
Nature singing a gloomy song

Spring consists of solely acid rain
Fragile snow may never fall again
Chasms widen every step we take
And yet we still journey on
We won each other in a coin toss
Held together up against the odds
But now we watch as our castle breaks
My hearts biding you so long

May tomorrow treat you kind

Bouquet lays shredded on a wooden floor
moving my feet has now become a chore
I tied confusion to an air balloon
And never turned to see where it’d fly
It’d be a lie to say I’m feeling well
My heart is someplace where I cannot tell
They say it all gets better – I pray that promise is soon
My tears have all run out dry
I considered rolling another die
To dust myself off and give life another try
But Fate gave me such a solemn glance
I gave it up instead
Guilt and wonder set my thoughts on you
Hoping what we had before wasn’t true
I hope that what we had was happenstance
Or I’ll be stitched up in guilt’s web

May tomorrow treat you kind
I wish someday you’ll find
A mirror to yourself
Buried in someone else
May joy always come free
And promise me you’ll be
A dreamer and a fighter
And may each day for you be brighter
Your pockets worn from life
Your castle a great height
Your treasure kept in heaven
And the rest you’ll dream in time

May tomorrow treat you well…


One response to “May Tomorrow Treat You Well

  1. granbee says:

    What a lovely way to “let someone go”–wishing that all their tomorrows will treat them well!

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