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Heaven’s Hands

on April 24, 2012

Enjoy the poem! 🙂

Heaven’s Hands
Your eyes are made of stain glass that shimmers in the Son
Your heart is like a slip knot – easily undone
My hands are always offering, and yet you’re still afraid
That I would do something to you – and so your life’s delayed
Let go of your anchor, sailor, I’ll blow your ship to land
Let me ease your burdens, traveler, simply take my hand
Miracles and wonders could be funneled straight through you


Heaven (Photo credit: irunandshoot)

I’d display my power, darling, but first just let me through
I raised the many mountains and taught eagles how to fly
You’ve drowned yourself in worry and you’re squandering your time
I chose you and I planned your life, follow me and you’ll be fine
My yes is yes, My no is no, all I ask is that you just let go
And put all the control in Heaven’s Hands

5 responses to “Heaven’s Hands

  1. soopafishl says:

    Hi again, Im writing this seperately so you can reject the comment : is ‘Son’ meant to be Sun as in big shiny in the sky, or do you want it to mean ‘Son’ in the Christian sense…?

  2. soopafishl says:

    Wow! And thank you for visiting my site…

  3. This is so pretty and the picture is perfect! I liked the tone of this poem a lot; my father is always telling me I should do just this 🙂
    (also I’m really sorry but… is the “you’re” in line 4 supposed to be ‘your’?)

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