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Photo Op: Pepper Plant

on May 2, 2012

I remember when my sisters and I were young, and in love with marveling at nature. We would bike ride whenever the weather permitted, and frequently stop to stare at flowers, trees, berries…the works! There was one plant in particular that sprouted from the trees that we all loved to harvest. We called it the “Pepper Plant.” I remember that because they came from a tree, many of them were high up. So we’d take turns standing on each other or sitting on each others shoulders and grabbing as many as possible. We’d take the little green leaves, roll them up, and then cut them to make a salad. The petals would top the salad. Then the best part, the style and stigma, would be placed out in the sun to dry for several hours. Once we got back to it, it’d smell like pepper! Thus, we named the flower the “Pepper Plant.” See the logic? 🙂 Just typing this up fills me with so many memories of when we were young, and all the crazy adventures we enjoyed. Have a lovely rest of the day everyone!



11 responses to “Photo Op: Pepper Plant

  1. susan dowgiala says:

    This looks just like the blossom of a Tulip tree. Once mine bloom, I’ll post a pict.

  2. granbee says:

    Oddly enough, this reminds me of climbing up to reach fresh honeysuckle blossoms and then sipping the nectar from the stamens! This is an old Southern tradition where I come from in Mississippi! Wonderful that you name those leaves and blossoms the pepper plant. I can almost taste them from reading your post here. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely pungency.

    • mjray926 says:

      One of my sisters used to be especially taken by the honeysuckles! I’ve only tried it once or twice. Nice to hear some of your past, granbee!

  3. topher79 says:

    Interesting looking flower, thanks for sharing a childhood memory with it.

  4. Beautiful and sensitive photo. Thanks for stopping in to my place, MoonWynd

  5. Even though I never saw this “Pepper Plant”, we had our own version of it and called the Paper flowers.. and we too took turns to pluck them on top of another! Nostalgic.

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