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Photo Op: Roxanne (again!)

on May 3, 2012

I was digging through some old photos, and came across this one – not sure if I posted it up already, but eh, it’s fine I guess 😉 This is a pic of the beautiful rottweiler I used to have named Roxanne. She was super-duper amazing! (P.S. I know yesterday was a photo op, but you can never have too many photos, can you?)

For more posts I’ve done on Roxie, click here!

She waited verrrrry patiently for me to take this picture. As you can see, at this point she was tired of waiting! After several shots, I like the one in sepia the best.


5 responses to “Photo Op: Roxanne (again!)

  1. susan dowgiala says:

    She is utterly fantastic! What a precious look on her face 🙂

  2. granbee says:

    So expressive are Roxanne’s eyes: “Hey, I love you but you are starting to get a little redundant here, don’t you think?” I can never get enough of Roxie’s photos! I have always loved it that you use her picture as your gravatar!

  3. Angela says:


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