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Regret & Resolve

on May 5, 2012

It all started late yesterday afternoon when my twin sister and I sat down to write some poetry. Instead of just picking ideas out of thin air and hoping at least one of them would manifest into….something, we changed things up a bit. I chose a picture I had taken (those of you who have been around for a while on my blog will recognize it!) and we wrote a poem based off of the picture.

Now to clarify the poem some, remember, we were writing off of what the picture implied. For all of you animal lovers out there, know that I stand right along side you, and that I think both free-roaming wildlife and zoo’s are great! (That’s where I took the pic anyway!) Yeah…just felt the need to be extra clear on that part. And now for the photo…..

Aren’t owls adorable?!?! We wrote what we like to call, “twin poems” because they resemble each other but are unique in their own way. Plus, we’re twins so it only seemed appropriate! Enjoy!


The moon shines bright the stars stand high


Freedom to fly

Utter bliss

A mist hangs well below the trees


A distant scream

Blinding lights

I shriek and cry at what’s to come

Burning lungs

The trap is sprung

Panic’s here

My feathers feel the burning sun


I could have run

Trapped for good

And now I sit here in this cage

Final phase

Ending my days

In regret


Peering through straw-hole sized hope

Feeling old

This place is cold

My mood is winter

Seeing red and breeding contempt

Failed attempts

Many days spent

Struggling for freedom

I pine for taintless forest air

I am scared

I am stuck here

Is this my end?

Stronger each day yet freedom’s strict

Learning tricks

Cannot predict

How my fate’s played out

The moon shines bright the stars stand high


Freedom to fly

My heart’s resolved


I hope you enjoyed the poems! For anyone who wants to join in, I have a mini challenge for you.

Random Ray Challenge (or RRC):

(Everything looks better in bold, doesn’t it?) Alright to here’s the challenge! Take a goooood look at the picture I used to write these poems. Then, try to describe the picture using only one word! I’d love to hear what you think. And as a bonus, you can try making up a quote for the owl to either say or think. Here’s an example entry – from your’s truly.

Word: Tired

Quote: “That last meal was a doosey!”

Have fun everyone!



8 responses to “Regret & Resolve

  1. bonnielass says:

    Word: sleepy
    Quote: you DO realize what time it is, right?

  2. granbee says:

    Okay, here goes:
    One word: hungover
    Quote: “Only Johnny Walker Red makes my eyelids this red, you know!”

    P.S. Loved the pair of poems. I have a wild-living pair of owls that live year ’round above and behind my garden shed down by my backyard creek. They only get into despair when my cat pounces on the mouse they scared out with their hoots on a moonlit night!

  3. oldsunbird says:

    Your poems relate to one of my passions–animal rights. They were a good read,, but sad. Thank you for them.

  4. Barbara says:

    One word description: sentry
    Quote: “No harm shall come on MY watch!”

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