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I’ve got a cold, and it’s hot outside

on May 16, 2012
Brian Reid Tissue Box_1338

Brian Reid Tissue Box_1338 (Photo credit: Brian Reid Furniture)

I’ve got a cold…and it’s hot outside. Frankly, I don’t find that very funny. So whoever passed this headache/sneezing/coughing/sore throat to me, I’m asking you to take it back. I’ve got things to do, other than be taken over by the sleep goblins. I’d appreciate you acting with haste.
Thank you, but no thank you,

P.S. I wrote these two mini poems to give you a feel for what you passed on to me. 😉

1st Poem:
Fills every crevice, slows every thought
Overtaking movements commanding them to stop
Gradually it fades, just as slowly as it came

2nd Poem:
Chest constricts while roughly hammered
Once it starts it’s hard to stop
Usually comes at the most unwelcome time
Getting much worse before it leaves you be
Happens once the pollen puffs up in the Spring


4 responses to “I’ve got a cold, and it’s hot outside

  1. granbee says:

    Loved both the FOG and the COUGH acrostic poems. Writing these must have helped a little bit, Ray! They surely helped me. Thanks!

  2. Barbara says:

    Sorry you are under the weather (pun intended), but glad to see you’re making the most of the time. Love your poems!!

  3. samatwitch says:

    Feel better soon. Summer colds are the pits! (Well, winter ones aren’t much better but at least huddling under the covers doesn’t seem to be as counter-intuitive as when it’s hot outside.)

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